Do 3d printers actually catch on fire.

Printers?  Even Ring Door bells have been known to catch fire. But to answer your question yes 3d printers have a higher likely hood to catch fire than other consumer electronics. ABS burns very easily and emits a noxious soot filled smoke.  Those who were lucky enough to not have a home in flames still had to contend with smoke damage. A few youtube/google searches should highlight that this issue comes up often enough to where there people actively figuring out ways to keep their printers safer. There was an inexpensive printer called an Anet A8 that was made of acrylic and the power supply would start a fire the combination caused insurance companies to not ensure homes with 3d printers. This is still an issue even today.

What makes this enclosure better than other models?

We create these using industrial cold roll sheeting with a hot rolled 1.5″ x 1.5″ tube steel frame. No only is the frame fire proof on 5 sides, but also built like a fortress without being too heavy.  We need to sell a product that is done to completion so than in the event it needs to prove itself, it does 100% of the time.  We use plastic on the door window but its polycarbonate as acrylic will hold and maintain a steady flame. On top of that its very magnetic removing the need to drill holes to create mount points. Also the steel can absorb the shock of a fire suppressant. An example is the elide fireball or AFO.  Be careful there are fakes of those out there. We use welded steel so there are not nuts and bolts to creep out over time.  This is built like a “steel shell”

Can this make quality ABS or Polycarbonate Parts?

This box is meant for a Prusa and together they form an inexpensive high end plastics factory. Nylon, ABS, Polycarbonate blends are all yours.

What is the cost of shipping.

What you see is what you get.  We are trying to just have a flat price, no surprises at checkout. We can’t promise this policy forever because we really don’t know the challenges involved until we have sold a certain quantity.  As of 11/20/2020 shipping is free of charge.

Hey Steel Shell, dumb question but…. Does it come with a spool holder

Not dumb, Yes it does.  We don’t like our printers to allow the spool to occupy the same space as the printer for fire safety reasons. We want you to start getting use right away so you will NOT need to print a spool holder.  But we cannot promise it will be an amazing spool holder either.

Does it come assembled?

Yes mostly assembled. It’s welded steel.  You may need to screw in the Lexan glass.

Do you over Returns?

For up to 30 days if you decide this is not the item for you return it and I will give you a refund. Ill even pay your return shipping.