A simple and straightforward 90 days return policy.


  • If you feel the hardware is unsuitable or defective please return it, we will either replace the hardware or issue a full refund.
  • Returning a product in a unusable/unsalvageable state is not a “defect” for example returning an enclosure that has a large hole through it where clearly someone tried to heavily modify the box and failed. If you have damaged the box and want to return it, it will be reviewed on a case by case basis. As a general rule this is not allowed. Please understand our position.The enclosure is meant to work right out of the shipping container without modification.

I understand people are afraid of buying from small business online. If you decide you do not want to enclosure after we can also pay for return shipping. This is our worry free guarantee. We only ask that you’re a serious customer.

Within 00-30 Days we pay for the return shipping cost.
Within 30-90 Days you pay the return shipping cost.